Hole By Hole(Back 9)

10th Hole – Rookery

287 yards – Par 4

Another great birdie chance. Keep the tee shot straight or you’ll catch overhanging branches and your ball will end up in jungle territory. A big drive can make the green, or you can lay up with a long iron or wooden spoon. Keep your approach below the pin as the green slopes towards the fairway. A downhill putt on this green tests the steeliest nerve.

11th Hole – Stey Brae

401 yards – Par 4

The back nine starts to toughen up here. A straightforward tee shot over the hill, but don’t hold back or you’ll have a long uphill second shot to a tiny target. The green’s protected on each side with deadly sand traps, so accuracy with your approach is – Paramount. – Par or better permits a private smirk and a jaunty walk to the next tee.

12th Hole – Garnkirk

278 yards – Par 4

A terrific risk/reward hole. From the back tees, longer hitters can go for the large green, leaving an eagle chance. The more conservative golfer can play a long-medium iron down the hill, leaving a simple pitch to the putting surface. Beware of the burn and two sand craters awaiting anything short. Go for birdie here. You may need it as you consider the 13th…

13th Hole – Auld Hoose

449 yards – Par 4

Crow Wood’s signature hole. Its majesty can be overlooked though, because one bad shot and things get ugly. Aim for between the line of bushes up the left and the large tree on the right of the fairway. Anything right is fine, but makes an already long hole even longer, as it doglegs left. You need to be long from the tee but don’t swing too hard: anything too far left is gone forever, and you’ll be reloading. Take plenty of club with your approach to a raised, generous, green, but don’t pull it or you are risking a volumous bunker or worse still: OB. – Par or better allows you to skip joyously to 14.

14th Hole – Sclaffers

343 yards – Par 4

Just like the 13th, if you pull or hook from the tee, then you are out of luck and out of bounds. Watch for the bunker on the left which will snare any mild draw. But there’s plenty of room up the right, and a reasonable drive will leave a short approach. When you pitch in, avoid the huge bunker protecting the right and front, and don’t go long or you’re in the jungle. The undulating green means no putt can be taken for granted.


15th Hole – Gateside

164 yards – Par 3

It looks a small target from the tee, but the green is big enough. A mid-short iron should be enough but give it plenty welly, as you don’t want to visit the bunker protecting front left.

16th Hole – Hunter

328 yards – Par 4

A definite birdie chance here. Keep your tee shot right and it will bound down off the hill, leaving a short pitch in to the green. Anything too far left will be in water, or will leave your approach obscured by trees. Big hitters can attempt the green, but watch for the burn guarding the front. The green’s fortress is in the shape of several pot bunkers. Leave your pitch below the hole or your downhill birdie chance may turn into gruesome bogey.

17th Hole – Hillside

382 yards – Par 4

If the wind’s in a mood, this is a challenging – Par four. There’s no real danger from the tee, unless you duff short into the burn. But your approach can be anything from a short iron to a wooden club depending on wind and muscle power. The green is large but uphill, so take plenty of club and swing hard. Errant approaches left or right leave you in sand. – Par is always a good score here.

18th Hole – Avenue

517 yards – Par 5

A vintage hole offering the chance of damnation OR redemption. A decent drive anywhere but pulled left sets you up perfectly. A duck hook will end up in the member’s car – Park and the post-round drink will be embittered. If you hit it far, you can make the green in two as long as you avoid the beautiful tree dominating the fairway’s left side. Lesser mortals should get home with two shots and a shortish iron. The green is flat and kind, the only real danger being long. Putt out, hit the clubhouse bar and haste ye back!


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