Aeration of Greens

Due to the recent extreme wet weather in which we had approximately 6 weeks of rainfall in 5 days, our hands have been forced to put some pencil size tine holes in the greens to keep them ‘breathing’ and prevent saturation. With more rain forecast in the coming weeks this operation has become more important. The hope is to start this from Monday 2nd July.


– To relieve compaction within the soil
– To help restructure poor soil
– To improve drainage
– To provide a healthy environment for strong rooting, therefore wear tolerance and drought tolerance
– To promote the natural breakdown of organic matter at the turf base and to physically remove thatch from the upper profile
– To help increase the microbial population within the soil
– To relieve stagnation and prevent the formation of black layer
– To help absorb top-dressing material into the upper profile without layering
– Reducing the incidence of disease
– Improving the effectiveness of irrigation
– As a precursor to over-seeding
– Aid penetration of chemicals such as wetting agents

This work is an essential part of greens maintenance and we will try to keep the disruption to play to a minimum. We will vibrate roll the greens immediately after tining to try and keep a good surface on them.

Your co-operation would be greatly appreciated.

Keith Alexander
Head Greenkeeper
June 2012

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