Course Update

With it set to be a very busy weekend,  you will be delighted to know that all 18 holes and 17 summer greens are in play, with all greens, aprons and tees able to be cut this week.

With no snow or rain but some heavy frosts to contend with, our greenkeeping team are to be applauded for their hard work and dedication this week. Between moving their shifts around to beat the early morning frosts, working late and through some of their breaks, they’ve done everything possible to make sure the course is presented in great condition for the weekend.

The 1 winter green in place (at the 2nd) remains just until the drainage problem at Greenlea Rd gets resolved. Scottish Water have instructed a contractor to carry out the work and they have been here today to make arrangements. They have advised that the repair will be carried out either Thursday or Friday of next week.

Thanks as ever to John Condron we have a small digger on loan to help with the greenside bunker upgrade, and we are down to 7 back nine bunkers left to be emptied before work starts on the front.

The digger is being put to good use elsewhere, with a new drainage ditch installed at the 14th to drain the wet area on the right hand side, which you can see from the before and after pictures below.

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