Senior Open Results

  • Medal Finals1st Handicap – John Anderson (Crow Wood)
  • Scratch – Stuart Clayton (Crow Wood)

Category A (55-59)

  • 1st – T McFlynn (Fereneze)
  • 2nd – James Keenan (Greenock Whinhill)
  • 3rd – Ashok Bhakta (Northcliffe)

Category B (60-64)

  • 1st – James Kane (Crow Wood)
  • 2nd – John Lee (Northcliffe)
  • 3rd – Brian Ray (Crow Wood)

Category C (65-69)

  • 1st – Charles McMurtrie (Annanhill)
  • 2nd – Andy Moffat (Crow Wood)
  • 3rd – Alex Eden (Crow Wood)

Category D (70 plus)

  • 1st – Bill Forsyth (Crow Wood)
  • 2nd – Gordon Barron (Crow Wood)
  • 3rd – Ian Stewart (Airdrie)

Charlie Duffy Trophy (awarded to the Crow Wood member over 65 with the lowest Net Score) was won by John Anderson.

CSS 70 (Home Players) & 72 (Visitors)

Vouchers for all prizes are being distributed to home clubs.

Congratulations to all our prizewinners.

The Committee would like to thank everyone who attended, with a special mention to our visitors who took the time to provide us with very positive feedback about the course. Alongside, of course, the event organisers Robin Cuthbertson and Allan Drummond who, along with Club President Mr Watson Cuthbert, made sure that the day ran smoothly.


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