Course Update

As you are aware the bottom part of the course has been an issue in inclement weather for several years, and the wettest winter since 1910 means that we haven’t yet been able to install the new drainage we had planned as part of our winter programme.

We are in the process of ordering some additional equipment (sand and gravel hoppers) to help us tackle this project in a shortened timescale, just as soon as weather permits. We already have our own trencher and turf cutter, and the drainage materials have been in the yard since the start of winter!

The new equipment will dramatically reduce the manpower and time required to complete each section, meaning we will hopefully be able to get through the work approximately 4 times faster.

Work will start just as soon as conditions are more amenable and disruption during the week is going to be inevitable. We intend working on one hole at a time and that hole will be closed, again to speed up the process.

We very much appreciate members forebearance during this period, and trust that you understand the benefits of this work being carried out as quickly and early as possible.

Please note that weekends will not be affected.

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