Course Update

LHS of 18th greenOver the coming weeks you will notice many areas being left uncut. This is intentional, to improve the aesthetics of the golf course. Each fairway will be surrounded by 1 width of intermediate cut, 2 cuts of the rough mower and after that the area will be left natural. Paths will be cut from tee to fairway.

All plantations will have total weed killer sprayed. This was trialled in a few areas 2 seasons ago and the greens committee has taken the decision to complete this in all areas.

The burn at the bottom of the course will be strimmed and sprayed with growth repellent to reduce the amount of work needed to maintain it.


The Greens Committee has decided to leave a few of the bunkers at 4, 8 and 10 as G.U.R and these will be identifiable by blue stakes.

  • 4th requires a new drain to be put in place and at this point both back bunkers will be changed to grass run offs.
  • 8th bunker will be removed in due course
  • 10th bunker requires drained and this will be completed and put back in play over the coming weeks


It’s clear that the sand injecting we completed earlier in the year has had a greater impact on the playing surface than we anticipated. While this is essential maintenance, moving forward this work will be undertaken at the end of the season. This will provide us with better playing surfaces earlier in the season.

We will continue with our program of aeration and top dressing but this will have minimal impact on play.

It’s clear from the playability of the greens through the heavy rainfall of the last few weeks that our greens program

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is working.


8th Hole

The next week should see the project completed with remaining areas turfed or seeded. We would like to thank everyone for their patience with this as we fully appreciate it has taken far longer than we expected or indeed should have. We have learned a valuable lesson.

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