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It is right that many aspects of the course have been congratulated over the last year, as improvements in the course have been noted, on the greens especially, but also in the refurbished bunkers, tree and fairway remodelling, select fertilizing of fairways and the New drain at 14fact we could play the full course all winter, with very little impact. However, it is acknowledged that there are elements of the course that we are not satisfied with, something that the Committee and greens staff are united in improving over the coming seasons.

The course is currently 2 years into a 5 year plan (published at the start of the year), that will significantly raise the playing standards of the course, and the works completed to date under this plan are not insignificant.

Structural work on the greens, drainage ( 2nd, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th ) plus bunker refurbishment at the 1st, 7th , 11th and 13th to name but a few, have taken a high level of labour and resource to complete, all within the financial framework that our income and staffing level affords. An important element we should remember is that any ground works we start are set the remit of being a permanent fix, and not just a short term solution.
7thIf you noted the amount of drainage works required on some of the bunkers during the winter, you will recognise that these upgrades are not two minute jobs.

However, some elements of the course are below the standards we strive for, especially the older bunkers and some areas of course presentation. In the ideal world everyone wants these issues addressed overnight, but it will take another 3 years of well managed improvements, before we can reap the rewards for many years to come..

For example, it would take approximately £60K to renovate the remaining bunkers properly (dug out, shaped, drainage installed, hardcore base and proper sand and revetting). This is an investment that Crow Wood cannot afford in one go, so we need everyone’s patience as we enjoy the challenge of prudently working towards the best course in the area. bunker clearningTo improve the course faster we would require higher levels of income to meet these types of costs over a shorter period of time and, whilst the Committee is doing what it can to encourage visitors, events and new members, it is determined to keep the yearly fees at one of the best value and most competitive rates in the area, whilst carrying out our programme of course improvements. Hopefully you are all on board for the journey.

To improve the understanding of what is happening, and what is planned for the next few years, we have introduced an email address where any course questions can be directed to Gary Divers (Head Greenkeeper) and Kenny Barbour (Greens Convenor). Stevie sun

Please let us know your concerns, queries and suggestions for improvements via this email address. As we are a members’ course, please also feel free to use this address to volunteer your services on anything you think may benefit the club. ( ).

We may not be able to wave a magic wand overnight, but if you can remember where the course was three years ago, then just imagine where we can be in another three years’ time, as we head towards our centenary year.

Thanks in advance
Crow Wood Golf Club Committee

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