Senior Open Result

James Braid1st Handicap – John Carmichael (Crow Wood)

Scratch – Jim Murphy (Crow Wood)

Category A (Up to 60)

  1. Tony Smith (Crow Wood)
  2. JG Reid (Crow Wood)
  3. Stuart Clayton (Crow Wood)

Category B


  1. Frank Davidson (Crow Wood)
  2. Peter Jenkins (Grangemouth)
  3. Alex McArthur (Littlehill)

Category C (66-70)

  1. Alex Eden (Crow Wood)
  2. Jimmy Booth (Crow Wood)
  3. Jim Paton (Kirkintilloch)

Category D (Over 70)

  1. Matt Bond (Crow Wood)
  2. John Gay (Crow Wood)
  3. Andy Forrest (Crow Wood)

Charlie Duffy Trophy (awarded to Crow Wood member over 65 with the lowest nett) – Alex Eden

CSS Visitors – 71, Home – 70

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