Your Patience and Support required

Despite a great deal of effort this spring and summer not all of the areas we have sanded / seeded have taken the way we would have liked. Strange as it sounds for Scotland, the hot dry spell did not help.

On Monday 13th Aug a team of volunteers giving up a few hours of their time have prepared and seeded following areas
• 5th at back of green to 10th fairway and across 10th fairway to 11th tee
• 7th along fairway at drainage channel
• 8th around green to 9th tee
• 18th fairway at road and between bunkers
We would like to keep as much traffic as possible off of these areas for the next 2 to 4 weeks.
On the 10th, 7th and 8th we have roped off the areas and have created traffic routes.
The whole area roped off is not GUR, simply to keep traffic off whilst the seeds germinate.
We would also like players to leave trolleys, buggies etc outside the roped off area , select club and go under ropes to play their ball . Taking as much care as possible to avoid walking on the repaired areas.
The areas inside the roped off sections which are GUR are those areas which have been seeded and are clearly obvious. The normal rules apply, lift and drop.
We do appreciate this is an inconvenience, however it will only be for a few weeks.

Other areas of the course are blue painted for GUR

For the next two weeks we intend to finalise our seeding requirements by working on other areas.
1. Area surrounding Tee at 11th will have turf (cut from practise area) put in place
2. The 16th fairway top and bottom
3. At road at 4th and also fairway
4. Over the road at the 2nd
5. Driving Range bank on the right hand site
6. All divots on tees and fairways
Can we ask anyone who may have a few hours to spare on the Mondays, light snack at lunchtime will be provided (or any other day of the week) to please let us know by contacting Ian Doig, Stuart Whitters, Andy Russel,Neil McGill or Gary Divers.

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