Winter Rules in play from 1 November

Winter Golf rules and guidelines

The greens committee have decided that the full course will be kept open through the winter season, weather dependant, to allow membersĀ  and visitors to make use of all our facilities.

We are requesting that members, social groups and visitors help keep the impact on the course to a minimum by adopting the following

  1. Greens will be in play all winter. Please ensure you repair any pitch mark, please encourage others to do likewise
  2. Bunkers should be used on a “rake and place” basis
  3. Fairways will be in play; however, we will suggest to members that they please adopt the following guide lines or similar to help minimise damage

o Use mats in fairway or move ball to rough

Alternatively, you may

Play from fairway and ensure any divot created is replaced or repaired

Use a tee peg (this of course should be in line with the shot which would normally be played, not an opportunity to get the driver out)

  1. Preferred lies will be in place through the green, player may lift, clean and place within 6 inches to where ball lies. (as we are asking traffic to use the rough then it is deemed fair and sensible to have preferred lies everywhere)
  2. If a ball is lost under leaves a player may without penalty, place a ball as close as possible to where the original ball lay
  3. If a ball is lost in abnormal ground conditions, i.e. very wet areas, a player may without penalty, place a ball as close as possible to where the original ball lay.

N.B. The players playing partners have to agree that the ball is certain or virtually certain to be covered by 5 or 6.

General Items

  • Tees (white, yellow) will be situated alongside or close to each other, some areas will have mats in place
  • This will localise traffic thus damage and make recovery during spring quicker and easier
  • Winter wheels will be required on powered trolleys
  • All trolleys, buggies and ride on carts are requested to travel, where possible, through the rough
  • Sensitive areas will be roped off to keep all traffic away from them
  • We will paint white lines approx. 10 metres in front of green to keep traffic off (play your ball as per item 3)


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