Hole by Hole(Front 9)

1st Hole – Sprot

144 yards – Par 3

Have you fired up your iron play and greased your short game on our beautiful new range? If not, prepare for a bogey or worse at this perilous wee opener. Four bunkers short, left, right and long protect the green like eager sentries. Oh, and anything long and left gets wet too. Par means you can spring onto the second with confidence.

2nd Hole – Muirhead

505 yards – Par 5

A birdie chance for longer hitters – but only if they’re wise. Foolhardy play and you’ll need both hands to count your score. The hole doglegs sharply left to right, so keep your drive left of centre, or arrow straight between the trees left and right. Unless you have Dustin’s coil, anything right tempts danger and a lost ball. Your second shot requires sound plotting too, as there’s a lovely/horrible wee burn about 100 yards fromthe green. Two good shots should leave a short pitch home. On this large, raised, undulating dance-floor, dare take your two putts for granted and you may be staring at three jabs and an ugly six.

3rd Hole – Greenlea

360 yards – Par 4

Downhill drive, uphill approach. The ominous white stakes of out-of-boundsville await anything too far right. The wind is often left-to-right – only too happy to sweep a pathetic fade or slice off the course. But the fairway is plentiful and welcoming. A good drive sets up a short’ish iron into a large green. You won’t be able to see the bottom of the pin, so club up and make sure your approach surmounts the mini-valley at the green’s front. But too long to a back pin, and you’ll need Seve’s touch to get up and down.

4th Hole – Campsie View

341 yards – Par 4

If you start to enjoy the stunning views of the Campsie Hills too much here, then you’re staring at bogey or worse. Good course management on this short par four presents ample chance of birdie. Long hitters may fancy getting close to the green, but anything faded will be gathered by the wind and sent into the trees or neighbourhood gardens. Take a 3 wood or long iron down the left-middle, leaving a wedge into a generous target. Go long with your approach and you’ll be reaching for the Hamlets.

5th Hole – Mackie

193 yards – Par 3

Par here is always a good score. The tee is protected by surrounding forestry, so you won’t feel the wind which is likely to be stiff into your face off the left. Club up – depending on wind strength you will most likely need something long in your hand. Aim for the left of a large green, although coming up short presents a straightforward up and down.

6th Hole – Berryknow

369 yards – Par 4

A good tee shot sets up a decent birdie chance. Aim for the left centre of the fairway to shorten the hole. Bunkers and trees await anything straying too far rightwards, and don’t even think about going hard left. Bunkers also await any errant approach, but the green is large and flat.

7th Hole – Drumsack

415 yards – Par 4

This hole is damn tough. It demands a long, straight drive to bisect the glaring trees on left and right. A burn across the fairway is just desserts for a duffed drive and the wind is often heaving directly into your worried face. Take plenty of club with your uphill approach. Anything beyond the pin leaves a treacherous downhill putt. Four blows at this hole is never shabby.

8th Hole – Auchengeoch

367 yards – Par 4

This is where Crow Wood can look like Sawgrass. A short par four, but the green is a virtual island, protected by a large moat of magnetic water. A large downhill fairway means you can really open the shoulders from the tee. A decent drive leaves a short approach. Right-centre is usually best if you’re in attack mode. The green is large, but the water hazard might leave the mentally weak with sweaty palms. Ignore the water, take dead aim at the pin, and play for birdie!

9th Hole – Peat Hill

325 yards – Par 4

Another short’ish par four to end the outward nine. The fairway is as wide as the Grand Canyon, and you’re encouraged to keep your ball on the right half. But too far right risks heavy rough or OB, and trees will punish snap hooks. Your approach will be uphill and invariably into the wind, so don’t dodge morning porridge. The putting surface is big enough, but anything too long means a difficult up and down.

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